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< id='the-function-room' class='category-title et_pb_text_align_center'>The Function Room
< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>How many people can the Function Room seat?

In theatre style, the room can seat 100 people. In table style, the room can seat 80 people.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>How do I book the Function Room for an event?

Contact Reception to see if the room is available for the day of your event. A couple of days notice is required to ensure we can provide the catering.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>How much does the conference room cost to hire?

The room hire and all its facilities are $150 dollars per day.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Can I hire the conference room for a wedding?

Yes, we can cater for your special day.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Do you supply styling and theming?

We do not provide any styling or theming. However, you are welcome to bring in your own decorations.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>What types of events can you cater for?

We can cater for business meetings, training sessions, funeral wakes, birthdays, Christmas parties, weddings, special dinners and more.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Can I bring my own alcohol?

Unfortunately you cannot bring in your own alcohol, however, the Function Room does have a licenced bar.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Can I bring my own catering in?

Unfortunately, due to health and safety regulations, we cannot allow outside catering. All food must be prepared in our adjoining commercial kitchen.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Do you provide catering with the room hire?

Catering can be provided at an additional cost to the room hire.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Do I have to choose one of the food and beverage packages offered, or can I tailor a bespoke menu?

You are welcome to choose from one of our set menus or you may tailor your own menu. Suggestions are welcome.



< id='the-restaurant' class='category-title et_pb_text_align_center'>The Restaurant
< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Do I need to make a reservation?

Bookings are preferred but not necessary. That way we can expect and welcome you to the restaurant.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Can I book the restaurant for a private dining event?

For private events, we recommend hiring the adjoining Function Room.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Can I order something not on the menu?

Our chef is flexible and can prepare specially requested meals as long as advanced notice is made at the time of your reservation.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Are children welcome in the restaurant?

Yes, we are a family-friendly restaurant and have a special children’s menu.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>How many people can the restaurant seat?

The restaurant can comfortably seat 30 guests, however, we can extend to seat 50 if required.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Is the restaurant BYO?

The Astro Dish is a licenced restaurant and not BYO.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Do you facilitate customers with allergies?

Yes, we do. We can do gluten-free and lactose-free, and vegetarian options are also available.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Do you have parking facilities?

There is plenty of onsite parking as well as roadside parking.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Where does your produce come from?

We source as much local produce as possible. All of our fruit, vegetables, and meat is local. Fresh oysters and seafood is delivered every Thursday from Sydney.

< class='faq-question et_pb_text_align_left'>Do you have disabled facilities?

The restaurant has disabled facilities. There are no steps from entry to the table and we also have a disabled restroom.



For more information regarding our location, the restaurant or booking an event please feel free to contact your hosts, Donald and Valerie.

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